New Music Video in the Making …

Our new album Love Songs is almost ready. This past weekend we started filming a new music video, produced by our own very talented Evan Thornberry. We hope to have the video ready in time to promote the album’s release on October 25th … so sometime in the next couple weeks we’ll be posting it to the world wide web.

making Forgive Me video 1

This year instead of clown wigs and large dress-barn dresses, we decided to use the incredible scenery of our beautiful Colorado. We drove out to some of our favorite local hiking trails to film.

We picked our favorite, and probably most emotional song from the new album to set the video to. We really hope you enjoy it when its done.

making Forgive Me video 3

The cd manufacturers emailed today to say they have finished production and our new cds are on their way! Watch out for our new music video coming in the next few weeks to your facebook and twitter feeds.

making Forgive Me video 4


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