New Album

We’ve been working on a new album for the past year, and it’s almost ready.

The collection is called Love Songs, and it’s the first chapter in a four part series, entitled The Human Experience. 

Esther Solo Love Songs Project

When we first discussed making a new album we decided to let everyone pick a song they wanted to record.

When the nominated tracks were chosen they were all songs about love, so the title and the theme were set.


Our planned release date is October 25th, 2014 when Esther will be in Scotland performing two record release dates.

Then on November 20th, we’ll be in the little town where we met: Woodland Park, Colorado, playing an album release concert to our W.P. friends.

Heart Sketch Kim Allen 5 (1)

We’re really pleased with the way these tracks are emerging; they’re prettier, more imaginative and more moving than we envisioned they could be, which just makes us thankful for one another’s creative energy in the midst of our very busy lives.

Scotland Cd Release Concert Dates:

October 25th 7pm. St Michael’s Hall, Dumbarton. With special guests: The Protones. Fiver at the door.

November 1st 7:30pm Nice and Sleazy’s Glasgow. With special guest Mark Russell. Fiver at the door.


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