7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Esther,

    I just saw your set at the Laughing Goat, and I love your voice. You sang a song at the beginning that had “land of the living” in the chorus. Could you tell me the name of that song? I couldn’t find it on your downloadable albums, but it’s an inspiring song. Truly. It belongs on the radio. Really. Best wishes to you!

    Eric Thompson

  2. We just saw you at Nissi’s, we’d love to host you out on the west coast if you want to come to Eugene, (Oregon). Our friends (Molasses, Dirty Spoon, Manuche Noire) play at cozy little venues that would be perfect for you. I can think of at least 4 places that we could probably hook you up with here in Eugene, and Portland has a ton more. I wrote my phone number on the other girl’s mailing list, hope you got a copy? Looking forward to seeing you again sometime.

  3. Wow Esther, came across you on you tube by accident, thought you sounded interesting so I ordered your last album. Just got to say its brilliant and I amazed that you are not a household name. I have since got the Dirty Little Fingers album and really hope there is a new album in the pipeline. You are the best new artist I have heard in a long time and just wish I lived in the States to see you play live. All the best from a big new fan in the UK.

  4. Hey Esther Sparks,

    This is Amy Soehngen from Naropa University. We played phone tag for a bit and I am so excited about the opportunity to have you play at our residence hall. Your sounds really made an impression on me and I know our students would love you.

    Email me and let’s see if we can get something worked out. Take care and thanks so much!

  5. Hey Esther, it’s me tammy,just saw your back to life video. Luved it, so maybe I come see you in Colarado,and spend some time a couple of days. Anyway, hope all is well yall look happy,and that makes me happy. Miss you my friend,all the best Tammy

  6. Esther, I just caught you at 300 Suns in Longmont.. You deserved a bigger audience and better acoustics but it was a pleasure to listen to your music!

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