End of the War.

I have been writing and recording a trio of Love Songs for the Middle East. This is the 3rd. Its called, End of the War.

As I was writing this little collection of Love Songs for the Middle East I began to imagine what the day would be like when violence ended. I imagined the terrifying threat being gone, and the fear being over. I imagined fathers able to put down their weapons, no longer terrified for the lives of their families, putting down their guns and filling their arms with their children instead. I imagined the relief, the grief and the endless tears for all that was lost.

I found this lovely footage of some Assyrian boys doing a traditional dance, so I put it to my song. Their dance seemed hopeful, celebratory, strong and they seemed proud of their culture and I wanted these songs to be a reminder and celebration of the beauty of the everyday people of the Middle East, so it felt right.


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