Love Songs for the Middle East #2

I have been inspired lately to write and record a trio of “Love Songs for the Middle East” – a region that’s very dear to my heart.

Track 2:  Cradled in Free Fall – a song for Kayla Mueller

I was awake and worried, unable to sleep one night when I read Kayla Mueller’s letter written from a prison in Syria, to her family. I was undone by her words and her strength. She wrote she felt “tenderly cradled in free fall”. I understand that sentiment, the feeling of powerlessness against circumstance, but paradoxically being held by great Love. She wrote, “I have found that even in prison one can be free”. What a hope that is for people all over the world who are imprisoned by circumstance and even personal pain and grief.

She wrote, “All in all, in the end, all you have is God”

Great thanks to Kayla’s family for their courage in allowing the public to share in their grief and read her letter.


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