Al Jazeera TV – Love Songs for the Middle East #1

I’ve been working on a wee handful of love songs for the Middle East, writing and recording them at home. Here’s the first: Al Jazeera TV.  All of the songs will be available soon for free download. I’ll post them in the next few weeks.

When I was 19 I spent a summer in the Middle East. It was the most incredible time; I saw the pyramids, sailed on the Nile, snorkeled in the Red Sea, saw Beirut and the cedars of Lebanon, looked across the river Jordan to Jericho in the distance. I only wish I had been older, I would have appreciated it all so much more!

My most distinct memory of those countries was the wonderful people. The friends I made. Open, loving, always laughing. Ridiculously good at staying awake all night eating, singing, dancing … and laughing! Just such good, honest, friendly folk who were so kind to me. I wanted to stay there forever.

I remember friends who had grown  up in the horrors of war in Beirut, but from the love, friendliness and laughter they constantly exuded you could never have guessed their past pain.

I wrote this song Al Jazeera TV a few weeks ago in tribute to the beautiful, ordinary folk of the Middle East as they struggle against political injustice in some countries, exile and oppression in others, and in the worst cases: war, slavery and unthinkable violence.

After I wrote and recorded the song I found this wonderful footage of an Egyptian girl dancing at a family party and it just happened to be in perfect time to my song. I just love her beauty and down-to-earth loveliness! And what a dancer. She’s amazing. Here’s to the mothers and father, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters of the Middle East. Here’s to safety for families, an end to violence and a hope for peace.

Next up: A song for Kayla Mueller, the American aid worker who died after being taken captive in Syria. I’ll post it in the next few days.

All of the songs will be available for free download in the next few weeks.


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