Sparks sings Swift

Me and Kris been married 17 years . Its been an inside joke for us since the summer we met that all serious songs are funny when sung with a Scottish accent (its true, try it). This joke has carried over to our kids who think Scottish accents are just inherently funny anyway, and like to mock me daily especially when I’m angry, sad, or excited, which is when my natural accent gets thickest.

One of my only gifts in life is that I can learn songs really quickly. This is not an unusual trick for a musician. Most of the musicians I know, if you sing ’em a new song, will be able to jump in around the 2nd chorus! However, it is a good trick with your kids to grab the guitar, or sit at the piano, and whip out one of the songs they frequently listen to in their bedrooms … “How do you know that?” they gasp. “Because I’m freakin awesome” I reply, but really its because it only has four chords!

Another factor in making this video this morning was that I really needed to cheer myself up! One of my favorite retributions for being incessantly mocked as “cute” for my Scottishness by my family, is to sing in a Scottish accent while dancing a “mom-dance” in the kitchen. Leyla’s usual reaction to this is  … “Mum, no, just NO!”

So, here for your listening pleasure is the Taylor Swift song: ‘Trouble’, performed by yours truly in my natural accent …


2 thoughts on “Sparks sings Swift”

  1. Hi Esther
    Some great songs there , been listening to your music since I first heard your unique voice at mark’s yoga class a few weeks ago ! So I’m just a new comer really lol ,That was definitely a one off yoga class , and one I will remember . It’s not every day you can be entertained unexpectedly on a damp Monday night lol , magic stuff .
    What a great cd whiskey remedy is , the band has a great sound , as soon as I heard the first couple of songs I thought wow these are meaningful words ,got a few favourite tracks already ,I listen to it on my way home from training , so I know all the words now 👍 . watched your version of Taylor swift on YouTube , in the best accent ever lol , I think what ever you sing would would be a pleasure to hear .
    I look forward to hearing more of your voice online , I could think of loads of stuff I would love to hear you sing

    Thanks for the pleasure

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