Love Songs … the plan!

Hit play so you got a soundtrack for reading this news update …

Well, we have the great privilege of going back into the studio on November 11th and we’re going to make a new collection of songs called, LOVE SONGS. The title has a little poem that goes with it … something I just made up, which goes like this …


‘Love Songs’ will be Chapter One in a four part series which I hope to title: The Human Experience. I have been building this collection of songs in my heart and head for the past five years, and in my plotting and planning imagination it has four parts:

Love Songs – songs about love.

Blood and Bones – songs about family and community

The Drowning – songs about dying

The Rising – songs about redemption

These songs are written and sitting in my brain space waiting to be produced. I’m sure as we record each collection they will evolve and be added to, or edited out. I hope to record them all over the next few years and in the end carve out something beautiful. Maybe when all the chapters are done we’ll release it as a set on vinyl. Darren says if we have an album on vinyl he’ll be so excited he’ll poop himself everyday. So I think we should shoot for that eh?

So … we’ll be blogging as we go with photo and video, and we’re shooting for Love Songs to be released in the spring of 2014. In the meantime, here’s a taster of the song ‘Always’, which will be on the collection. I wrote this one three years ago and recorded it at home on the ol’ laptop. It’s for my Kris.


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