New Album … Back to Life

MarksWe’re super happy and proud to have a new album, launched June 14th 2013. Its called: Back to Life

Back to Life is a collection of 10 songs written by Esther, focusing primarily on her experiences of the last eight years, which include, but are not exclusive to, hurricanes, cancer, suicide, separation, unemployment, betrayal, foreclosure, foodstamps, forgiveness and (thank goodness) redemption.

The band recorded their single, Back to Life in September 2012 at Immersive Studios in Boulder with Jesse Zimmerman of Round Barn Recordings. Some months later while promoting their single at a concert in Colorado Springs (sharing the stage with “A Boy and His Kite”) unbeknownst to them, the band were recorded live. They found the recording to be not unpleasant, and so Back to Life the album was born.

The album contains one studio recording – their single and title track, as well as nine live tracks.

To sample the songs or buy ’em … go to itunes.

2 Panel Sleeve Esther Sparks (2)


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