“Back to Life” is a live album – scary!

I’ve had this collection of songs rattling round in my head the past few years. Songs I’ve written about my journey and my life – the awkward, crappy years, and the getting better years. I’ve wanted to make an album with the songs, but albums take money.


Last year we made a single, “Back to Life” and then as one of our single release dates we played at “The Loft” in the Springs. The concert was recorded and those who listened to it said, “hey, yeah, this is a pretty decent live recording – you should make an album of it”.

So … we did. Its called “Back to Life”, and apart from that first title track the whole thing is a LIVE recording. The art work and the mixing and mastering is done, the cd is at the reproduction company being pressed and frankly, its a little terrifying. When you make a studio album, of which I have several, you get to take as many takes as you like. There’s no coughing or burping, no losing your breath, or your voice breaking in a funny way. Even after all those takes, when you get the perfect take, your producer has some magic “de-suck-ulator” buttons that he presses to make it all sound great and flow together … but, not so with the live album. This is it. Raw and messy and lovely and scary too.

Some great friends and fans of mine have repeatedly told me that they enjoy hearing me live, much more than a studio performance. Lets hope this is true and folks aren’t just blowing sunshine up my arse, cause here it comes folks. Right now as I type its raining outside, and the sun is shining at the same time. Hopefully the album will be something like that – not quite perfect in one direction or the other, but just enough of a good mix to be pleasant and an unusual moment.

So, if you buy it, or share it, or I give it to you, just know, its a live recording and that’s what you’re getting … makes me feel a bit naked really, but hey, lets go for it. Back to Life the album will be on itunes for purchase on June 14th, or you can buy a solid real copy from me at one of my gigs. If you’re one of the people who pre-ordered it, I’ll be emailing a link to you soon! Image


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