Good News & Bad News

Bad News:

The bad news is our new album is NOT going to be ready in time for our concert with Barry and Michelle Patterson at The Loft in Colorado Springs. You know, making an album takes a lot of work, a lot of steps, a lot of ins and outs and what-have-yous, a lot of twiddling with knobs … and apparently all that knob twiddling is gonna take longer than hoped.

Good News:

1. At the concert we’re gonna have a pre-release sale. We’ll be taking a list of names for those who want to order the album early, and all those folks will get 50% off the album price! The moment the album is ready we’ll email you a discount code and you can order your album on-line for half price at your convenience!

2. Free Prizes. Over here at Sparks’ Whiskey Headquarters I’m busy making some awesome swag to give away at our Loft Concert. Folks who pre-order the album will be entered in a prize draw for some fab items which will probably include one of my home made aprons, or some of Kris’ homemade Whiskey Remedy BBQ Sauce! Stay tuned for more info in the next week for this …

Here's an apron I made for Ange.
Here’s an apron I made for Ange.

3. More Money. At the Loft you’ll be able to order our album, but we won’t ask you to pay for it in advance, so all your money will still be in your pocket, ready, willing and waiting for you to snatch up the new “Sun Comes Up Tomorrow” album by Barry and Michelle. I’ve heard it and its a winner. It’ll enable you to laugh, cry and love God and Man better.

In the meantime here’s a sneak-peek at some of the art I’ve been working on for “Back to Life: The Full Story”. Some sketches of Darren, Melissa and I.

Esther Sketch Black and White

Melissa Sketch Black and White

Darren Sketch Black and White


3 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News”

    1. Pretty sure I didn’t comment that my own sketches are awesome – was that you Esther Too? Thanks Darren, I’m glad you feel like you look good. I do try my friend, I do try.

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