Thank you for the Party and the Press.

Singing at the Dale Birthday Party

So, good things happened last week … lots of em.

We got some great press. A wonderful review for “Back to Life” by Kamran Assadi in the Huffington Post Uk, a review in Marquee Magazine, and an article covering the “Back to Life” story in the Colorado Springs Gazette. 

The Sparks, Dale, Thornberry kiddos

Then this past weekend our two families (that make up this band) The Sparks, and the Thornberrys, and all our wains, caravanned down to the Springs to visit friends there and to play at the birthday party of our dear friends, Jon and Amy Dale.

Jon Dale surveys his birthday bash
Jon Dale surveys his birthday bash

What a great night! We shared the stage with our Lafayette neighbors, “A Boy and His Kite” Their music was powerful and beautiful, and they are also just great people to meet and get to play with. Here’s them performing their hit song: “Cover Your Tracks”. I have this one stuck in my head now …

Tomorrow, Feb 5th, I’ll be live on the radio at lunch time in Fort Collins, KRFC, at noon. You can listen to it online here.

So Kamran Assadi, thanks so much for the great review. Jon and Amy Dale, thanks so much for having us play your birthday extravaganza.

BTW, Amy Dale is launching a kickstarter for her new book – you should go check it out. The book is called “Off With Her Heart”. I’ve started reading it and I think its marvelous. I think you will too, please go watch Amy’s video on her page!


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