1,000 hits …. Thank You!

Yesterday our video hit it’s 1,000th view on Youtubers. To celebrate I stopped by the theatrical costume store in Boulder and bought myself a new top hat. The old one, which I love, has become damaged through excessive gig-wear.

Here’s the old one …

Photo on 2013-01-24 at 06.12

And here’s the new one!

Photo on 2013-01-24 at 06.17 #4

Its like “before” and “after” for circus folk.

SO, thanks so much friends for posting our video and asking your cyber-space friends, and normal friends, to watch it. Thanks, thanks, thanks friends, you are lovely! We worked so hard on it, so we’re super-chuffed people like it. I knew if I made Darren wear a dress and a wig I could get some re-tweets!


He’s such a good sport! Playing music has given us the perfect excuse to act daft, and at band practice last night I told Darren I already have the next video planned … ballet tights may be involved so stay tuned for the exciting next episode! Its called “Back to Life 2 … kicking arse and taking names”. (only joking Mum, I just completely made that up – well apart from the ballet tights bit)

So, for the 1,000 and one-nth time, watch our video …


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