3 Churches, 2 Pubs, 1 House, a Jail, a Rehab …. and a Bloody Awesome Studio!

Well, its been officially ages since I blogged because my computer has been extremely unco-operative, and the bummer is so many good things have happened this summer to write about. So many people have been overwhelmingly generous and I simply must report on their goodness and say THANK YOU! So, here in short is the run down …


In late July I went to Scotland for 2 weeks. It was a beautiful and wonderful time.  I played 3 churches, 2 pubs, 1 house concert and a jail, and I got to sneak in a wee concert to some folks in a rehab which was great.

My best friends and me having a beer just after the Loch Lomond festival gig.

Highlights: ALL OF IT! Every gig was amazing, my friends and family were, as always, generous and loving beyond what I could ask, and Scotland was wet and green and oozing beauty as she always does.

Playing music with Mark and my brother Matthew at the Loch Lomond Folk Fest

Scariest Gig: I was most nervous about playing at the Jail … Her Majesties Prison in Greenock. I played to the female inmates – about 25 of them. I generally don’t over-think gigs too much, I just wait till I get there and read the crowd and see what kind of songs I think they’ll like. But, being a performer means bullshitting a lot – playing a part you know? But how can you fake it to a crowd of hardened women who’ve seen the most rigorous, dirty parts of life? You can’t fake it to people who’ve had to fake it their whole lives just to survive. I just knew they would see right through me instantly!

This is Greenock Jail – its a LOT freakin scarier on the inside trust me!

Ends up, it was a great gig. They were a tough crowd, but after a couple songs they opened up, asked loads of questions and really seemed interested in my story, even if it is so different from theirs. A lovely crowd of women and I was super-glad I got to see the beauty that is lingering inside still. Diamonds in the rough. I could really tell they missed their children, and men, families and friends,  and I think the songs opened up a dialogue to talk and think about those things. It was good.

The Awesome Studio.

I’ve been really blessed lately because I play music with some incredibly talented people. My friend, and house-mate, Darren Thornberry plays guitar and sings in my band, and his fiance Melissa is our kick-arse drummer. On top of that, a local up-and-coming producer, Jesse Zimmerman is in the process of producing our first single as a band: Back To Life.

Recording at Immersive

We went into Immersive Studios in Boulder 2 weeks ago and spent a night (9pm-3am) recording the song. It was such an amazing creative process and I was just so chuffed to get to collaborate with these talented folks in such a huge beautiful studio.

Melissa Clegg playing the drums on “Back To Life”.

We are in the process of making a video for the song which will be released in the New Year. (We went to the thrift store to buy Darren a dress yesterday – yes, that’s how awesome this video is going to be!)

A Word To My Sponsor:

My Scotland trip was only made possible by the generosity of my friend and adopted wee sister Hannah Mbise. She fronted the money for the tour. Hannah is not only one of the cleverest, most money-savvy, monster party organizing machines you’ll ever meet, she’s also completely nuts, always a laugh, a faithful friend and one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. I’m so blessed we grew up together! Thanks Han!

Hannah with her beautiful son Kaleb

Massive thanks also Mark Russell, Bairdy and my wee brother Matt for playing music with me while I was in Scotland. To my parents for all the huge support and to my best friends for being such incredible groupies!


4 thoughts on “3 Churches, 2 Pubs, 1 House, a Jail, a Rehab …. and a Bloody Awesome Studio!”

    1. Thanks Jon. The rough mix sounds great, can’t wait to hear it when he finishes the mixing. We are starting in the video this weekend – prop gathering today and its going to be a doozie .. clown wigs, fake beards and a dress for D are all involved 🙂

    1. It was indeed a fabulous summer, so glad we got to spend time with you petal, that bit about Hannah made me well up ! love you xxx

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