The Whiskey Remedy

We had a lovely time this past weekend. Kris and I played The Stone Cup in Lyon’s Co on Friday. What a great venue, lovely listening crowd and some fabulous people who run the joint: Mindy and Sam.

Not even sure what's happening in this pic, but I love it! We look like gnomes.

Then on Saturday night we played at Illegal Pete’s on the Mall in Boulder. Our new friend Nichole from the band The Hits started the night off for us. Then the immensely talented Dave Tamkin played, wowing us all with his wicked skills. I mean, really, his playing is wicked!

From now on we shall call him THE Tamkinator.

Then Kris and Darren (tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum) and I belted out some tunes for a while. It was a really enjoyable time. The staff at Illegal Pete’s are so welcoming and accommodating, and the cliental are super-friendly and supportive…. as well as a little inebriated … well, it was Saturday night after all.We rounded the night off with some whiskey and a game of trivial pursuit back at our place. I have no idea who won?!

Darren slayed by a trivia battle!

We got some exciting gigs coming up in the next few months: Illegal Pete’s in Denver, Twisted Pine Brewing in Boulder and one of my favorites, The Waterloo in Louisville. We’re expanding the band a little and we’ve adopted a new name: The Whiskey Remedy. This name is in tribute to our best friend Justin Kieser who died last year from cancer. Justin had a theory that whatever ailed you whiskey was the remedy. In honesty, this worked for Justin time and again, common colds and the flu could all be dismissed with one night of whiskey drinking. Unfortunately cancer proved to be a whole ‘nother kind of beast! But, he gave her a fight! We miss him immensely!

Esther Sparks and the Whiskey Remedy will be at Illegal Pete’s in Denver April 14th, 2012. Cheers.

who can open their mouth widest contest.

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