Jesus Dropped Me in the Deep End.

A year ago this weekend I left my foreclosed home in Woodland Park, Co, and moved to this small town east of Boulder, Lafayette. So, in honor of this year being over – a year entrenched in pain, but ending in healing, here’s a song … “Jesus Dropped Me in the Deep End.” I think the title is explanation enough eh?

I would, however, like to dedicate this song to some of my dear friends. Last month I visited the standing stones in Arran, Scotland, and yesterday I commented to my husband Kris that those Standing Stones remind me of the women in my life. The reason is this: the standing stones have stood for hundreds of years, through violent winds and pelting rains, because the part of the rock you can see is only half of its length. They are buried as deep in the soil, as they are tall reaching toward the sky.  As much as you can see of the rock, an equal length of it is buried beneath the ground holding her steadfast through every, and any kind of weather.

The past few years 2 of my best friends have lost their husbands to untimely deaths – 2 have lost theirs to adultery and separation. While other amazing wimen in my life have dealt with losing their homes, their source of income, almost their sanity!  I’ve watched them live through the deepest sadness, and not just survive, but keep loving their kids, keep doing the laundry, keep everyone loved and clothed and fed. They rely on God in their most challenging weaknesses, and in that they have amazing strength – well done ladies, you have my unending and undying respect and love.


Here’s my song commemorating this year of pain, in which I have also found amazing grace and healing – thank the Maker. Phew.






2 thoughts on “Jesus Dropped Me in the Deep End.”

  1. Thanks Esther.  

    I never knew that about those stones but interestingly I’ve pondered this very metaphor in relationship to grass before – that is, my lawn.

    In a nerdy effort to keep the grass green (and my landlord happy) I read somewhere that if you water the hell out of the lawn while simultaneously allowing it to grow long early in the season, the roots will reach down as far as the water seeps through the soil thus establishing each root.  A single blade of grass will only grow as high as the root reaches deep.  Once established, grass manages to stay green and strong even after being trampled and jumped upon, bending under the weight of us gigantic humans all day (like during a backyard game of volleyball) but staying green and alive nonetheless.  And when the roots are strong and deep, grass will effortlessly survive cold winters and long dry spells with very little attention paid to it.

    I’ve often thought the people I respect and admire most are like blades of grass – underneath it all reaching toward the deep for their source and like those stones, bearing the wind and rain and storms while standing their ground because of how well they’re established.

    Although a simple blade of grass may not be (outwardly) as flattering – especially when being compared to – once established it is as equally strong as the noble and majestic stones in Arran.  You, my friend, are among those I respect most but in my book you have been a blade of grass. Keep drawing from the deep.

    Again, thanks for the shout-out (and the music).

    See you tomorrow at the finish.   


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