Trip to Scotland

I just spent 17 wonderful days in my homeland of Scotland – I was dipped in the healing oils of it’s beauty – and friendship and family, and hikes, and hugs, and drink and food and laughter, and dancing … quite a few tears and a darn good wedding to boot. (my brother’s to be exact)

I played music almost everyday while I was there … mostly because my best friend Laura (pictured here with me and my sister Claire – Laura’s the curly haired one:) insisted on me playing to everyone who walked in the door! That was good of her, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing at every gathering.

I also had the honor of singing for my wee brother’s wedding – pictured here with his lovely bride Cassandra. It was a fabulous affair held in a Scottish castle; with kilts, a piper, great food, fab music and a rip roaring ceilidh (that’s a scottish evening of dance that requires much yelling and stomping and throwing each other around) … it was great

And, to make the trip complete …. I played at a lovely venue in Glasgow, The Captain’s Rest. We sold the place out, playing alongside Old Solar, a local Glasgow favorite, and Listener, who just blew everyone away! Here’s a song from that evening: Clean. This song was definitely the hit of the trip …. a clear winner as it made everyone cry and they asked for it over and over …. those emotional Scots! At the end of the song I have a bit of a coughing fit and get heckled about “too much smoking”. I tell the heckler to “shut it” … I love playing in my homeland where such things are acceptable and the people are beautiful and raw to the core!

The visual is a bit blurry, but the audio comes through just fine …


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