a song called “Always”









I wrote this song last week for my husband Kris.
Due to the harrowing experiences of life, and the lack of employment opportunities in small mountain towns, Kris and I have spent the greater part of the last two years living apart. Now … we’re re-learning to live together. Its hard and great, and devastating, and wonderful … kind of like the other 13 years of our relationship:)

Here’s the song “Always” … for all you people being and staying and doing marriage….. especially my best friends …. this ones for you lot.   Hit the button below and it should play



3 thoughts on “a song called “Always””

  1. I LOVE your stuff, beautiful & your voice – your an inspiration for my own singing…good comments on marriage too…hmm. i’d love to see u perform in london, or close – europe…?? jo faith.

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